You women should try being submissive for a week and see what happens, you can always go back.


by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 May 18 - 19:59 | reply to this comment Desperate women I have never found myself that the clothes I wear ever made much difference as to whether I attracted a man or not. When I was young, most of the men I went out with were men I met in the re-enactment society I belonged to, where I spent most of my time dressed as a man anyway. I found that some men like dresses, some men like jeans, some men don't care what you wear because they're too busy ripping it off you anyway. Many of the men I knew preferred me casually dressed to tarted up. I was never desperate to get a man in general, I was sometimes desperate to get a particular man, but I never found that clothes made that much difference one way or the other.

As for dyeing my hair, definitely not! My husband would have a fit, he's crazy about my hair and always has been. It's the colour that polite people call strawberry blonde and rude people call ginger, I used to wear it down to my waist when iw as young and it drove men (including him) crazy. Dyeing it blonde would definitely be a tactical error, and curling it, no, I don't think so.

Your belief that looks are all that matter is not, incidentally, shared by my husband. He's just returned from a trip to what he refers to as 'Silicone City' (Las Vegas). Having dragged me upstairs and ravished me after his return, he shared some profound thoughts about the nature of female attractiveness with me. "Having big tits and a great arse isn't enough" he observed "it's no good having those if you're a complete bonehead"

Saying 'yes sir' would not be a viable option in the UK. It may for all I know be considered normal for a woman to address a man as 'sir' in the US, but it would definitely cause raised eyebrows in Surrey.

Being submissive because you like it is one thing, doing it because you are desperate to get a man is just pathetic. My advice to any woman desperate to get a man would be, forget about 'getting' someone, and try to get some other interests in your life, men are more likely to be interested in you if you are interested in something other than them.

by Louise C on 2005 May 19 - 02:03 | reply to this comment private vs public

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